Marketplace Seller Payment


List your items for FREE on marketplace. For individual sellers, we collect a small fee ONLY when your item sells through the marketplace. There are no listing fees for volume sellers.

Seller Payment Guidelines fees per item sold: 15% of item sale price, plus $1.50 for individual sellers. Sellers will also receive a shipping credit based on the method of shipping for the order. The rates of shipping reimbursement are as follows:

  Economy Shipping
(USPS - Media Mail or equivalent service)
Upgraded standard mail
(USPS - Priority or equivalent service)
All Product Types $3.60 for each item $7.47 for each item

The Seller Account Balance

A Seller's account balance is determined by the following calculation:

Selling price MINUS fees PLUS shipping reimbursement.

Please note: promotes all inventory, including marketplace books, on the websites of marketing partners. Should you wish to change the price of a book once it is listed, the price change will take effect immediately on There is, however, a delay of up to 12 hours before the new pricing registers on some partner websites. In the event that you change the price of an actively listed book and the book sells through a partner site at the previously listed price (that is, before the pricing update has taken place), your seller balance for that book will be determined according to the previously listed price. Please note too that prices for most inventory, including marketplace books, are higher on the websites of marketing partners in order to help us defray the cost of this marketing. This will not affect the calculation that determines your account balance.

Seller Payment Options

As a Seller, you have two options to choose from to determine how you are paid for your marketplace sales. You may change your preferred method at any time in Your Account screen, and any pending payments will be adjusted to reflect your new choice. Although the final pay-out dates vary according to the method you choose, all payment methods are initiated on the same schedule, as laid out in the next section.

  • Store Credit.The fastest and most valuable method for Sellers is the store credit option. Choose this method and you'll receive your total account balance plus 5%, issued in the form of a store credit code for use on any future purchase or purchases on This gift code will continue to increase and decrease in value as you make additional sales and purchases.
  • Direct Deposit.You may also choose to have your payment directly deposited into a valid checking or savings account. If you choose this option, you must enter a valid routing and account number, which can both be found on any personal check or deposit ticket, in Your Account screen, after logging in.

Seller Payment Schedule

A Seller's order is scheduled for payment three business days after the final confirmation of delivery to the Buyer, which is registered automatically. The seller's account balance, which includes all scheduled payments, will be paid out on the 7th and 22nd of each month. Volume sellers are paid on the 1st and 15th of each month. You will need to update tracking through your account in order to be paid.

Seller Monthly Sales Volumes

In an effort to protect our Members from fraud, may impose limits on a Seller's maximum monthly sales. These limits may change from time to time. In the event that this happens, you will be notified and asked to provide additional information.

Seller Account Balance Adjustments

As outlined in our Member Agreement, reserves the right to make adjustments to your Seller's account balance in the event of a member dispute, fraud or a lack of performance. If insufficient funds exist in the Seller's account balance, will deduct funds from your credit card. By agreeing to our Member Agreement and its incorporated policies, you agree to allow to make these adjustments, deductions or credit card charges.